Release 17 July 2020

Overview of some of the new features in this release

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It's here! Like a package arriving during a pandemic we have released a bunch of new features for the dashboard and mobile to help make things easier.

Move Headings and Articles

You can now move headings and articles between categories and headings in the Articles tool on the dashboard. No more copy-paste. It also maintains all the edits, comments and history for articles.

Rich Text Editor Upgrade

We have upgraded the rich text editor to give you a better experience. Copy and pasting content from word docs or PDFs is now much cleaner and requires less formatting and there are a host of new tools to make uploading and editing content easier.

Remember uploading articles as rich text means it is available offline for clinicians working in hospitals with poor reception.

Pin Critical Phone Directory Sections

You can now pin critical phone numbers to the top of the directory. This means key numbers like emergency response, security or other numbers will always appear at the top of users directories.

Under the Hood

Lots of other bug fixes and performance upgrades to keep the platform running fast.

We have recently instituted 'bounty day' in the dev team to stay on top of bugs - this sprint the team managed to bring in 20/30 bugs in a day, getting plenty of outlaws off the street.

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