Release 6 Aug 2020

New features and updates for mobile and dashboard

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We have a number of great features and updates this round. Jump into the video below for a full rundown on everything that came out this week. We also have a few highlights written up below.

Let Users Edit Articles Without Needing to Approve It

Letting users update and submit edits to articles is useful for term ROVERs and sharing information between clinicians. We have added the ability to create 'wiki' style articles by allowing users to edit article direct from the app that don't require approval from an admin dashboard manager.

You can still require admin approval to make sure there is a final check before making it go live. But now you have the option to allow free edits to be made to the article, with all the changes and history of the edits being logged in the dashboard. So you can always check back to see what has changed.

Change Article Content Type

This new feature lets you convert article content types from one form to another, so e.g. from Rich Text to PDF, or PDF to Image. This lets you change the content and format without losing the history of changes for the article. If you do change the content type you will lose the content that is currently in the article.

Bulk Reminders for Campaigns

Now you can send reminders to users who have received a Campaign Mailout at the click of a button. Clicking 'remind all' will send bulk reminders to all those users who have been sent a message via a Campaign but have not viewed/signed it. If a user has viewed or signed it they won't receive the reminder.

This feature will soon be rolled out for other features within the app such as normal Mailouts.

Stay tuned for more to come....

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