Release 18 May 2020

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Our 'engine room' (our indefatigable dev team) have been burning the midnight oil to keep releasing new features and updates for our clinicians and hospital users. Here is an update on the new features that we have just rolled out for our mobile app and and dashboard.

For Mobile:

  • Support for broadcast labels in categories and announcements. See whether something is a broadcast content or a broadcast announcement.

  • Change select role modal from checkboxes to switches

  • Modal to switch account when users are in MAHD. Get reminded about your new access if you are still logged in to our default MedApps Health District account.

  • Other bugfixes for native IOS sentry issues

For Dashboard:

  • Temporary user access expiry time can be edited depending on a customer sites requirements

  • Add download Mailout CSV report. Get a spreadsheet report for all Mailouts you have sent to track engagement.

  • Bulk approve users from action items using checkboxes and the approve user button. Saving admins having to approve each request individually.

  • Confirmation modal for sending Mailouts - makes sure you are ready to send.

  • Reminder digest: Toggle on notification settings for account and location managers. This lets you get email reminders about Action item 'to-dos' in the dashboard. Turn on weekly to get a weekly updates, or turn on daily to get daily updates (accessed via profile settings in the dashboard).

  • Improved analytics recording

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