Release 7 Dec 2020
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We have a bunch of new front and backend features come through in this release. Here is a quick summary.

Scheduled Announcements

We have introduced scheduled announcements. This allows you to schedule an announcement to be sent at a future time and date. The message can still be edited before it is sent just like they can edit an announcement after it has been sent.

See our full 'how to' video and article here.

React Native Upgrade

A React Native upgrade in order to better deploy to Android and achieve some performance upgrades. Nothing visible, but Android users may feel an improvement in speed and smoothness of use.

Preparing the App for Multiple Languages

Some initial work to allow our app to support multiple languages. The ability to switch between languages has not been enabled yet, though we hope to roll this out in the short term.

Proxy Services Integration: Phase 1

Some of the key groundwork for the proxy service is complete. This will allow customers to include links to intranet pages. Phase 2 is required to completely activate this feature, but if you or your site is interested please contact us for some more information.

Security Upgrades

Some key work to continue to increase the security of the stored data in the app.

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