You can choose to send a push notification (Announcement) immediately, or select the option to have the announcement automatically sent out at some point in the future.

This is a great way to pre-programme some key push notifications that you know you want to send over the course of a term or year. It helps consolidate workload and means you don't have to remember to send those announcements out.

How to...

From the dashboard go to Announcements on the lefthand side.

Click 'send new announcement' in the top right.

Type in the title and the content of the announcement and attach any internal or external links. On the right hand side of the screen you'll see a preview of the announcement notification.

The announcement will be sent immediately if you don't make any changes to the announcement scheduler. If you'd like to schedule the announcement for a later day and time, click on the calendar and select your preferred date. Once you've selected a date, the time will appear - you can either enter in a time using the keyboard or select the clock icon to use the clock widget.

Once you've scheduled your announcement and are happy with the content, click next in the bottom right hand corner. You'll be taken to a page where you can select who you want to send the announcement to. You're now able to send to a specific role or cohort.

Once you've selected your group of users, you'll see how many users will receive the notification. You can always check the list of users by selecting 'View all selected users'.

Once you're happy with who will receive the notification, click Next in the bottom right hand corner.

On the final page you'll see a preview of the notification, when it will be sent and how many users will receive the notification, including who will receive a push notification.

When you're happy with your announcement, don't forget to click Save Announcement in the bottom right hand corner!

On the announcement page, it will say 'scheduled' next to any schedule announcement. If you want to edit or delete the announcement you can do so before the scheduled date/time by clicking the three vertical dots next to your announcement.

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