Release 10 Oct 2020
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Some of the latest updates and feature additions for the platform. Jump in and check it out. Where we have detailed help videos and articles we will include the links to them below.

Recording event attendance of unregistered users using the QR code

Attendees of events that are not currently registered with Med App can scan the event QR code to register/mark their attendance - they can use their mobile’s camera to scan the QR code, which will take them to an online registration page, where they can enter their name and number and confirm attendance - this information will then appear under the attendance list for the event on the dashboard.

We have expanded events further to allow event creators to set up an event where the QR code is scannable multiple times by each user. This is designed to allow for a single QR code to be used for recording attendance over a long period of time where each user will be “attending the event” multiple times.

To support dashboard administrators with keeping track of attendees we are also displaying the time and date of each attendance scan on the event view page.

Mobile syncing upgrades

We have improved the stability , speed and process of the content syncing process, which should make content syncing more reliable going forward. This means you will have access to the most up to date content, offline first.

Lung Calculator update

Upgrades and updates for the Med App lung calculator. Focus was on the user functionality and ensuring all the calculations were accurate.

Decision Tree Content upgrades

Based on customer feedback and pilots from our decision tree feature, we have made some key functionality and performance improvements to ensure custom clinical decision trees can be correctly modelled in the app.

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