Archive a Mailout Template I Don't Use Anymore

If you are not sending a Mailout to people on the app anymore you can archive it to clean up your list of 'Live' Mailouts

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If you do not need to send a particular Mailout anymore, e.g. an Intern Welcome Template from 2020, old Locum Welcome template or a messaging Mailout from an old quality improvement project. Then you can archive it.

If you have a lot of old Mailouts it can clutter up your mailouts page, as well as the list of available mailouts when you are inviting new users onto the platform.

Archiving it will help keep this page clean, but also mean you can access old mailouts if for some reason you need to access them for an audit, accreeditation or query from a user on the app.

How to Archive a Mailout?

  • Go to the Mailouts Page

  • Click on the name of the Mailout you want to archive.

  • Click the archive button in the top right of the screen.

  • Click 'Confirm Archive'

  • Done!

How can I see Archived Mailouts?

  • Go to the Mailouts page

  • Click on the filter option for 'Archived'

  • Select 'Archived'

  • You should now see only 'archived' mailouts

  • To see live mailouts, just use the same filter and select 'Live'

(to see how to view archived Mailouts, check out the video above)

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