What are Cohorts and why use them?

Cohorts allows you to create a centralised grouping of users that you can repeatedly communicate to, invite to events and see a history of all engagements. Cohorts is designed to give you the confidence that your communications and invites go to the correct clinicians, whilst providing the efficiency of a centralised list of users to manage.

Cohorts is an ongoing Med App project, being released in phases. In the initial release you will be able to create a Cohort and send surveys to it. This will be shortly followed by being linked to Events, and later announcements and mailouts.

How do Cohorts work?

A cohort is simply a centralised collection of specific users who have access to your location. You have full control over who is in the Cohort and you can have as many Cohorts as you need. You can add users to a relevant cohort when inviting them to your location or you can also add and remove existing users from a cohort at any time to ensure the cohort is accurate for its purpose.

What makes the Cohort powerful is that it will be possible to use the same Cohort as a recipient or attendee list across all of Med App's communication and events solutions, and have a log of all these engagements. This means you know exactly who is receiving the communication or invite, while not having to go through and individually select each user every time you want to engage with the same set of clinicians.

For example, you may want a Cohort of all your 2022 Interns so that you can target that same specific group of users every time you need to send them an announcement, survey, mailout or event invitation, with confidence that you are not accidentally including users who are not interns but have selected Intern as their role on mobile.

Why is it important to start preparing Cohorts now?

Cohorts is a major step forward for Med App and will be a key focus area of development for the beginning of 2022. However, we know the beginning of the year and the build up to orientation is a vitally important time for onboarding new clinicians to your hospital and also Med App.

Therefore, we will be releasing the ability to create and add users to a Cohort before orientation begins. This will allow you to get all of your new starters into Cohorts through the invitation process, setting your site up for easy access to all the benefits of Cohorts as they start getting rolled out.

How to start using cohorts:

Setting up a cohort is very simple in two quick steps:

First: set up the Cohort ‘shell’, which is as easy as just choosing a name to reflect your group of users, such as ‘Medical Interns 2022’.

Second: when inviting your users to your site, simply select the Cohort you would like to add them to. If you have users you want to add to a cohort that already have access to your site, no problem, simple click into the cohort and 'Add Users' from your user list.

Watch this video for a visual guide on how to get started 👇

What next?

Now you’re good to go with Cohorts. While not linked to all of our solutions yet, you will be able to start creating Cohort events and Cohort based Event Series, and as Cohorts expands you will be able to experience the benefit of creating your Cohort through announcement, surveys and mailouts.

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