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Cohorts, Surveys and Event Notifications
Cohorts, Surveys and Event Notifications

An overview of Med App's end-of-2021 release

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In our end of 2021 release we have expanded the way you can engage with your clinicians through Med App!

Med App has released 2 new features and expanded our Events feature to help you streamline effective engagement with your clinicians all through the Med App platform:

Cohorts πŸ†•

Combining the focus of a user list and the efficiency of Med App roles, Cohorts will allow you to create a specific group of users that you can use across all of Med App’s event and communication solutions. Part of a staged approach, Cohorts will initially be available for Surveys, followed by events in December and announcements early next year.

Watch how easy it is to create and populate a Cohort πŸ‘‡

Surveys πŸ†•

You can now create and distribute surveys directly to your clinicians, as well as review and download their responses, all within Med App. This means the end-to-end survey process can be conducted fully within one system.

Clinicians will be able to access and complete the surveys through their app, with their responses populating in real time on the dashboard.

Create a survey template that can be distributed over and over again to a focused Cohort of users or more broadly to everyone with a specified Role. Each distribution is unique, allowing the results to be aggregated at the distribution level, enabling easy and focused analysis of responses.

Surveys can also be linked to events, allowing you to streamline the collection and analysis of education feedback from your clinicians.

See Surveys in action πŸ‘‡


As well as being able to add a survey to an event, you can now also configure custom notifications. Schedule event invites, reminders and follow ups all in one spot within the event creation process, you can even include a notification to remind users to complete their event feedback survey that links directly to the survey.

Check out the new functionality in Events πŸ‘‡

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