Using Announcements With Cohorts

Send targeted mobile push notifications (announcements) to cohort groups. Find out how to use this feature.

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What are cohorts and how do I set them up?

Cohorts are a quick way to create a custom group of people (i.e. select who you want to be part of that group). Then, use that group to send direct push notifications, education events and surveys. To learn how to set them up Read more here

How do I send push notifications to cohorts?

  1. Setup your Cohort and add clinicians to them

  2. Open up the Announcements tool from the left-hand side menu in the Med App dashboard or click here to create a new one

  3. Add any attachments and choose to send the announcement immediately or schedule it for later

  4. When selecting who to send it to, choose 'cohort' from the drop down menu

  5. Then select the cohort you want to send it to (or multiple cohorts)

  6. Once selected, you can see who has push notifications enabled in the app, and double check you are sending to the right people.

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