Approve / Deny clinicians access quickly

Clinicians can request access from 3 pathways:

  1. Through the mobile app by finding supported hospitals

  2. Via a QR code that you have printed on a poster or sent

  3. Scanning another clinicians mobile QR code where they are approved

However this happens they will end up in your action items list of user requests.

Who should I let in?

Who you approve or deny is up to you and the preference of your hospital. Some sites are happy to let all levels of clinicians in which have been approved under contract, while some tend to deny those users (e.g. other disciplines) who do not have specific content relevant to them.

What happens when I approve or deny them?

To approve or deny requested just select the relevant option next to the user in the action items.

If you approve someone they get a message letting them know they have access. If you deny them they will not receive a message.

Approved users & configuring expiry date

If approving clinicians, set their access expiry or permanent access

Communicate your decision

For both approving and denying access, you have the opportunity to either welcome clinicians to your hospital or explain why you couldn't provide access and the next steps they can take.

Next step

Now you've approved clinicians, you need to onboard them with appropriate orientation material, track who has viewed the material and report for accreditation.

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