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Gold Star Orientation Handbook
Gold Star Orientation Handbook
Orientation Phase 2 Onboarding clinicians to Med App and your Hospital
Orientation Phase 2 Onboarding clinicians to Med App and your Hospital

Onboard clinicians to both Med App and your hospital

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About: Now we need to invite clinicians to Med App, onboard them to your hospital and providing links to critical resources so they can confidently hit the ground running.

Steps: 6

When: At least 2 weeks before orientation

Step 1 - Setup cohorts for this year

Cohorts is the next step in highly targeted, transparent and efficient engagement with clinicians.

  • A centralised grouping of users to

  • Easily setup communication, events, and surveys

  • View a complete history of all engagements

Click below to begin creating a cohort

Step 2 - Update clinicians roles

Roles help to segment (group) clinicians to target what communications and content they see. Before we invite new interns or clinicians to our site, it's important that we update the existing ones.

  • Use the filter function to find current users

  • Bulk update current interns to next years role

  • Save the changes

Step 3 - Invite your new cohort to Med App

It's time to give your incoming cohort access to Med App. It's really easy to do!

  • Download our template for bulk user upload

  • Save details in the format provided

  • Drag and drop the file back into Med App

Before you start

Make sure you have a list of the incoming clinicians first name, last name, mobile number and email

Here is an example of what it is like to be invited to Med App

  • Prior to orientation, Dr Chloe gets a text message to download Med App.

  • After logging in, she receives a welcome message and details about the orientation program.

  • Navigating through the resources, she starts to feel less nervous about starting in her new role

🔥 Tip Send a reminder email before you invite clinicians so they are expecting a SMS message, otherwise they may think it's spam

Step 4 - Send clinicians a link on how to use Med App

Remind clinicians about the most useful, time saving features of Med App. This could be useful to send week 2 or 3 after your o-week.

  • Create an announcement

  • Attach an internal link

  • Add 'A Guide to Med App'

Forgotten how to use announcements?

Step 5 - Review your orientation progress

To ensure the success of your orientation campaign, review uptake from clinicians from the invitation that was sent.

  • Open Med App dashboard

  • Find your orientation Mailout

  • Review the results and send reminders

Measuring engagement or ‘mailout views.’
It’s easy to understand the number of clinicians who are on board Med App. Simply look at ‘sent to users’ and divide by number of views. Your goal should be as close to 100% as possible.

How to improve engagement

See which clinicians have viewed your message. Send a targeted push notification to those who haven't viewed.

  1. Click on the title of your mailout in this case 'Orientation 2022'

  2. Click ‘send reminder’ to those who haven’t viewed mailout

Step 6 - Quick start poster

Print a poster for those who missed all the messages that you have been sending! There are always a few stragglers, but we need to ensure that all clinicians are on Med App from Day 1.

  • Download poster

  • Screenshot your hospital QR code for quick invite

  • Paste it into the template below

Generating your hospital QR invite

Update your poster

Up Next: O-Week

In this section, we discuss the best way to communicate to clinicians in o-week, scheduling events and distributing surveys

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