Release 1 Nov 2022

New features and functionality for the app and dashboard

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The team has released a couple of great new features for the mobile app. So check them out.



Rich text article navigation improvements (search & table of contents)

Automatic Table of Contents

To improve navigation within a rich text article, we have added the ability to navigate between internal sections of the article with our automatic table of contents.

In the rich text editor use 'Heading1' and 'Heading2' formatting and the mobile app will automatically create a table of contents panel that slides out from the left hand side, complete with links to help you jump through the article.

In-article Search

To find exactly what you are looking for we have added in-article search.

At the bottom of rich text articles hit the search button to search for a keyword or phrase and jump through the occurrences in the article.

Customise heading and article colours on mobile

This lets you highlight key headings or match content formatting to other organisational style guides. Contact the hospital success team to find out how it works:

  • Super admins can select a heading colour on the dashboard

  • The heading colour will be visible on mobile at the heading and article level

Record attendance in-app for remote

In the case event attendees may be unable to scan a QR code, they can now record their attendance via the Med App event details page.

  • If mobile users are unable to scan a QR code for an event they can now record their attendance to the event in-app

  • There is an optional notification that can be sent out to remind event attendees to record their attendance

  • Mobile users can access the event details page where they will see a 'Record Attendance' button

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