Release 29 Feb 2024

What's new in the latest Med App release!

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The team has been working hard, so here is the news on what is in the app. As always there's a few things under the hood in prep for some bigger changes coming later in the year.



Mobile Preview for Articles & Mailouts

New preview button displays a mobile app view of an article or mailout while you are editing it.

Automatic 'Attendance on' for Events

When creating an event the toggle to record attendance (QR code scan in or push button scan in) is defaulted to 'ON' now.

Click the drop down to access the advanced options for using attendance logging.

Beta Program: User Profile Photos

Beta feature - admin users can now upload profile images and images will display on a user's profile.

  • Beta feature for test sites. This feature must be toggled on for testing by Med App development team.

  • Phase 2 of the feature will allow mobile users to upload their profile image from the app directly.

Beta Program: Forms - Approver group selector default

When selecting who to distribute a form to, currently the approver type is defaulted to “Cohort”. This has been changed to default to a "Select Approver Type" chip by default.

This makes it more obvious that there are additional options available for approver scenarios.

Beta Program: Forms - Multi-Assessor Signoff Functionality

One of our customer sites have requested a new form type for term assessments that allows both a clinical supervisor and term supervisor to sign off.

Currently the forms feature only supports 1 assessor sign off. The form has been mapped to the official approved PDF. The last page includes a space for the term supervisor signature, so requiring 2 signoffs in addition to the clinician.

The new functionality will be used for term assessments and in the future this allows us to have greater flexibility on the number of sections we can support.

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