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Considering Mediatool for your Organization?
Can I use one Mediatool account for multiple brands or clients?
Can I use one Mediatool account for multiple brands or clients?

Determine the division, structure, and hierarchy that works best for you

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Yes! Your Mediatool organization can be configured to meet your company's needs.

You will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will work to understand your organization's structure and establish a suitable organizational hierarchy for your Mediatool organization. Whether you want to tier your organization by brand, business unit, or region, we will make sure that all of your data is unified and easily observable within your account.

There several options for obtaining the organization hierarchy that fits your business. You can choose to have an advertiser group structure, or a media agency structure.

Advertiser Groups
If you are an advertiser, consisting of multiple brands or would like to segment your marketing activities into different markets or business sectors, you can opt for the advertiser group structure. This allows a main "parent org" to control the settings for multiple "child orgs" ; the data in each child org will aggregate to the main org and give you an overview of all your marketing activity. You can also add users from your partnered agencies to Mediatool so that they can plan and execute your paid media campaigns.

Media Agencies

If you are an agency with a diverse client base, you have the ability to set up and connect multiple unique client organizations with different properties. Data will still aggregate upwards to the main agency organization as well, but each organization can be more flexible, autonomous and control their own settings; as the settings for one industry or brand may not be relevant for all others. If you provide uniform reporting to all of your clients it may be prudent to use the advertiser group structure.

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