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Can I select multiple tags in the same tag category?
Can I select multiple tags in the same tag category?
Some users will want to tag a plan or line item
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No, unfortunately, you cannot.

If you were able to select multiple tags within the same tag category, it would create data integrity issues.

For example, let's consider a situation where €100 in planned spend was tagged with both Madrid as well as Barcelona, which both fell under the tag category titled Target City. If a pie chart was created to summarize the amount of planned spend by Target City, the total planned spend would be €200 with €100 in planned spend attributed to Madrid and €100 attributed to Barcelona, which would not be the reality.

When you encounter an issue where you'd like to select multiple tag options under the same category, consider the following possible solutions:

  1. Split the line item into two entry rows and distribute the spend (or other relevant measures) between the entry rows as necessary

  2. If both tag options will always be selected together, and never separately, then it would be best to delete one of the tag options, keep one, and rename the remaining tag Madrid + Barcelona, to make it one tag option

  3. If the tag options must be available to be chosen separately, as well as in combination with each other, consider adjusting your tag settings to have each tag option be available to be chosen under two different tag categories, instead of the same one.

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