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Performance results can be brought into Mediatool via an automated third-party integration or manual upload/entry

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Adding your campaign results into Mediatool allows you to create powerful reports and gain valuable insights. You can analyze results data independently or in direct comparison to plans.

Results data can be entered into the Results section of Mediatool in two ways:

  • Automatically, through third-party platform integrations

  • Manually, through direct input or excel import


Automatic entry

Raw data fetched from integrations will be stored in the Results section, separated into tabs by API source (e.g. Facebook Marketing, Google Campaign Manager, etc). In order to protect the integrity of your data, these sheets are locked and uneditable.

If you would like to set up an integration or change the configuration of any integration, please refer to one of our step-by-step guides.

If you would like to associate results data with a specific plan or media entry in your plan, please refer to our article on methods of data tracking/matching. Reach out to your CSM if you have any further questions.

Manual entry

Options for manual data entry into the Results section are identical to data entry in the Planning Sheet View. Though, in order to get started, you will have to create a Results Media Type. Follow the same process as creating and configuring Planning Media Types, however, ensure that the Media Type is a results one instead of a planning one.

Each Results Media Type will appear as separate tabs in the bottom left corner of the Results section.

Manual entry is a common practice for campaign results from traditional media such as TV and Radio as well as other platforms that we have yet to establish an integration with. Though, an equally common alternative to manual entry, for unsupported third-party platforms, is to establish a Google Sheets integration. Feel free to read through our step-by-step guide or contact your CSM for more details.


Making use of the data

In order to visualize your results and compare them to your plans, head to the Reports section. You can choose from more than 20 chart types in order to get the insights that are most relevant to you!

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