Export a Plan

Exporting a media plan to Excel is easy! Just go to the Sheet View of any plan and click on the button Export data, in the upper right corner of the sheet. You will then be prompted to select which Media Types you want to export from the plan.

Export a Chart

You are able to export custom charts created in the Dashboard or Reports sections as CSV files.

For table charts, simply click on the download symbol at the top right of the chart, as highlighted in red in the image below.

For all other visual chart types, just click on the three-line "hamburger menu" at the top right of the chart. A dropdown menu will present you with several image file options as well as an option to download as a CSV.

If you'd like to download a whole Report and all of the included charts in a single click, please note that the only supported format is PDF. You can do so by clicking on the Export button at the top right of any Reports page.

Export a Calendar View

The Calendar View is simply a visual representation of the data included in your plans. It can only be exported as a PDF.

Please follow the instructions in the aforementioned section on how to Export a Plan if you'd like to export this data.

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