Invite a New User

Only Admin-level users can add new users. Feel free to keep on reading or to watch our how-to video, above.

To add a new user, simply go to the User & Roles subsection of the Organizational Settings, enter the new user's email, and then click invite user.

Before the invite is sent, you will have to select the user's access level:

  • Admin access allows the user full access to change all organizational settings

  • Editor access allows the user to enter data and update or change plans

  • Viewer access allows the user to only view data

Also, it's important to note, that if provide a user with access to a Top-Level account (e.g. global account or agency account), the user is not automatically provided with access to all connected clients or subsidiary accounts. You will need to manually choose which connected accounts they should have access to.

The new user will receive an email invite from Mediatool. Unfortunately, this invitation email can sometimes get trapped in spam or junk filters, so please make sure the new user checks those email folders in the event they do not receive the invite.

If, after a reasonable waiting period, the new user has not received an email via their regular or junk inbox, encourage them to visit the log-in page of our App and click on forgot password. This will send them a reset link via email.

Restricted Fields and Protected Resources

When adding a new user, carefully consider other restrictions that may be enabled within your organization's account.

Does your organization restrict certain fields?

  • If so, should the new user be restricted or not? Toggle the restricted setting as necessary.

Has your organization set any Tag Categories as Protected Resources?

  • If so, make sure that you provide the new user with access to the relevant tag option(s) so that they can both tag and view associated data, while remaining restricted from any tag options and associated data they should not.

Billing Considerations

It's important to consider the number of user seats that have been paid for by your organization and if adding more users will incur an additional cost beyond the stipulated contract. For this reason, we recommend reaching out to the relevant internal stakeholder at your organization to understand your specific contract details and decision-making process when it comes to additional seats.

If you are being billed monthly via credit card, any users that you invite above the contracted number of users will be billed immediately for the remaining days in the billing period at the per-user rate established in your contract.

If you are being billed on an annual invoice, you will be charged retroactively for the additional users at a future date.

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