Does MV Provide a Search Function?
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Yes! You bet we do and it's a GREAT way for your people to quickly locate specific topics & content of interest within your MV site and products.

You'll find the MV Search Bar just above your Available Products on your site's main page:

The search functionality is based on keyword search and will return results based on the written content you've added to your products (ie. product names, module/lesson names, lesson text, module descriptions, file names, etc.)

Return results will only include products that are Active or that the person already owns (if they are logged in as a user when searching).

Once MV returns search results, the person will be able to click on the noted product, module or lesson that includes the term searched.

If the person does not have access to the product in question, they'll be taken to the product page where they can decide to opt-in to or purchase the product.

The search feature will not allow them to access a product they do not currently own.

It's important to note that the search feature will not return results based on references found within video content or uploaded files.

For this reason, it's ideal to ensure lessons that only include video content and/or uploaded files have some written content supporting the videos/files OR have very clear lesson titles that note the video topic.

It's also wise to name and uploaded files so that they include the main topic in the file name - that allows MV to show the file upload as a returned result if the search term matches the file name.

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