3 Steps to a Binge & Buy Marketplace

How to make the most of your MemberVault account.

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Your Binge & Buy Marketplace will completely change how you look at selling to your audience -- many of our users say they are now making more sales, but pitching less because of this strategy. 

The goal is to create an online experience that mimics how people shop in real life. 

We love to get a taste test, see if we like it, and if it's what we want (remember: people buy because it satisfies both what they want + what they need) then we say HOORAY, and rush to the check out counter.

There are 3 components to a successful binge & buy marketplace:

STEP ONE: A Subscriber Hub

This is a product with your best free content (think: opt ins, best blog posts/podcast episodes/livestreams/etc, and a little bit about you). 

ALL of your subscribers get access to this hub. Want to get a little more info on how to set up a Subscriber Hub? Check out this livestream (with captions) where Mike breaks it down for you.

STEP TWO: Your Paid Products/Services

These are products people can buy from you. We can host pretty much anything you can think to sell. Live run courses, evergreen programs, ebooks + ebook resources, in person workshops, 1:1 services, evergreen courses, live programs, membership sites....

Your subscribers can check out what's available, see teaser content for products they don't own, and purchase. All in one place.

STEP THREE: Foot Traffic

Or maybe I should say "eyeball traffic" since it is in the online space! 👀

You want to motivate your subscribers to log in and consume that awesome free content that you have in the Subscriber Hub so that they are exposed to your paid offers. 

Every sales pro knows a purchase usually happens after 7+ mentions or exposures to the offer. 

This doesn't have to replace your funnel (if you have one), but it certainly creates a safety net! Some people will invest in your paid products instantly, and others will wait longer than the set sequence of your funnel. 

By having a binge & buy marketplace, you are giving your audience members to buy in a way that feels good to them, and to you -- without losing people along the way.

Start incorporating your binge & buy marketplace into your emails -- sharing teaser links for paid products, and your subscriber hub. You can deep link at the product, module or lesson level to make it insanely easy to direct your subscribers to one specific piece of content!

We personally have links to our marketplace in the footer of every email we send out.

We make it easy to import all of your subscribers into your MemberVault!

 If you're an Active Campaign user, you can one click add your subscribers, and for every other email service, we offer a .csv upload. It's easy to grab that for all of your subscribers from your email service. Just google "export subscribers" and the name of your tool. 

Log into your MemberVault, and click on Users > Import to see your options. 

Not sure how to get into your MemberVault account? Click here.

Want to see some real life binge & buy marketplaces? Check these out!

Extra perks of having a binge & buy marketplace:

  • Everything in one place for easy updates & sharing.

  • Gamification using our leaderboard (both overall and product specific)

  • Gamification using unlockable bonus modules in your product

  • Gamification using hidden products

  • Gamification using unlockable paid products

  • Tagging based on your subscriber's activity in your marketplace (what did they view, what did they complete?)*

  • Tracking so you can see your hot leads right on your MemberVault dashboard (hint: these are often people ready to buy right NOW!)

Our system automatically tags your subscribers, right inside your email system so you can use that information to send extremely personalized emails, either manually or automatically. #GameChanger

You can also add Facebook pixels to your MemberVault for awesomely personalized retargeting campaigns.

MV was developed as a power tool for ActiveCampaign but we also integrate with numerous email services like Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit, etc. See the full list here.

*Tagging is only available when using email services that support it. Not sure if your tool does? Hit us up in chat or at hello@membervault.co and we'll let you know!

Not sure how to get into your MemberVault account?
Click here.

Questions? Reach out to us at hello@membervault.co, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users), or connect with other users within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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