Does MemberVault Apply Cookies to My Users' Devices?
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Yes - to help ensure a strong experience for your users, MV does apply cookies to the devices that your users use to access your MV Site. πŸͺ

Each cookie has a lifecycle applied to it and will expire at the end of the lifecycle or when the user deletes the cookies from their device (whichever comes first).

We currently use four preference-based cookies to help customize the user experience on your site.

  • Login Cookie - this cookie keeps your user logged into their user account to reduce how frequently they need to log in. This cookie will expire after 30 days. If the user manually logs out of their user account after visiting your site, the cookie will be auto-expired and the user will need to log in upon their next visit. This cookie is also used for the Admin login experience. (lifecyle = 30 days)

  • Product Category Cookie - this cookie saves the most recent product category that a user filtered for. (lifecyle = 1 hour)

  • Welcome Area Closed Status Cookie - this cookie keeps your site's welcome area (if used) closed after a user manually closes it. The user can still open the welcome area if desired by using the pull down arrow at the bottom of the welcome area. (lifecycle = 30 days)

  • Announcement Bar Closed Status Cookie - this cookie saves the user's preference to not have the announce bar appear after it's been manually closed. (lifecycle - 7 days)

MemberVault only uses one tracking cookie at this time and it is only used IF you utilize MV's Affiliate Tracking Feature.

  • Affiliate Status - this cookie tracks if someone has previously clicked on an affiliate link for one of your products so that the affiliate can appropriately receive credit should the person purchase one of your products. (lifecyle - 200 days)

We recommend including this information in your business' Cookie Policy to help ensure you are being transparent about where your people might encounter cookies while interacting with your business.

​Questions? Reach out to us at, via chat support within your Admin account (available to paid users) or within our FB Group, The MV Collaborative.

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