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Whether you just tried our demo account, our free trial, or already have a Mentionlytics account, the first page you will view once you log in to your account is the Dashboard page. The Dashboard page is an overall of your data.

If you are an old user this page is actually our previous Overview page.

By default you will view the Overview Dashboard - but there are 3 more ready templates, Performance, Synopsis, and Quick View.

You can see Overview, Performance, and Synopsis Dashboards in the sidebar. You can find Quick View Dashboard on the menu, at the top right corner of your screen from the 3 dots button.

You can choose one of the existing Dashboards to view and study your data, edit an existing one, or create your own Dashboard! To edit an existing dashboard click on the 3 dots button next to the date selector from the top right corner of your screen

and choose the "Enter edit mode" option.

To create a new dashboard from scratch enter the menu from the 3 dots button and choose the option "+ Create new".

From the "Edit Dashboard Settings" option

you can change the name of the Dashboard or pick up the Default or Minimal style.

Click Apply to save your changes, cancel, or the "x" button to exit this menu.

Put a star on your favorite existing or custom Dashboards to find them in the menu on your left so you can quickly select them to view and study your data.

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