Over the past few months, we’ve released several new features updates. Users are already loving them, and here’s an overview.

2020 Census Tract Updates

With the 2020 Census comes new census tract boundaries. All census tract data will now default to these updated census tract locations.

You can still, however, view old tract boundaries with another one of our new features—Boundaries—which is great for overlaying different locations (like old and new census tracts).

Here, you can see 202 census tract data in heatmap form, with the old 2010 census tract boundaries overlaid in black outlines for comparison.

LO and RE Agent Contact Info

Contact information for real estate agents and loan officers is attached to transactions, profiles, reports,and listings throughout Mortgage Marketsmart. Available contact information varies by contact type.

Lock Files as Read Only

Mortgage MarketSmart users now have more control over projects shared with other organizational members. Save a project as a Locked Project to make it read only for others in your organization. Share insights without worrying about changes being made.

Bulk Edit Locations

Within a project, you can now change the location of every layer at the same time, instead of editing one by one. Use the “Locations Bulk Edit” feature to change the locations of multiple layers with a few clicks.

We hope you enjoy these ongoing updates. If you have feature requests or questions, use the chat bubble in the lower right of Mortgage MarketSmart.

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