Edit a Purchase Order

You can only edit POs in ‘Pending’ status. To edit a purchase order, go to the main 'Purchase Order' tab and select the PO you would like to edit. 'Edit' button will be shown up:

You can also hover over your mouse over the PO and select the ‘Edit’ icon on the right:

You are able to edit the product details like pack type, quantity, and price, the vendor information and address, or the order details. You are also able to add new products or delete an existing product as well. We would like to remind you that in the Account Settings, you can edit or delete the pack types you created.

When you have made all of the necessary changes, you can select ‘Save and Apply Changes’. When you have successfully saved your edits, you will receive a confirmation message:

You will be brought back to the Purchase Order screen, where you will see a confirmation message as well as your changes:

Edit Rules

If you try to edit a purchase order that is in ‘Completed’ or 'Cancelled' status, you’ll receive the following message:

Need more info? Watch our Purchase Order demo:

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