Defining a user to your customer (or for a 3PL client) has the same process of defining any other user.

To learn details of how to invite a new user to your MyLogiwa account, please have a look at this document: Add a new user to your account.

We'll just summarize the process from the 3PL perspective here.

Let's start.

Go to Settings -> Users & Roles screen first.

On the screen, click on the Add User button. Type the user information that the invitation email will be sent.

On the "User Type" field, choose "Admin Client User" or " Client User". The Admin Client User is a more powerful user than the Client User. Powerful means that, the Admin Client User's access scope is wider than the Client User's. Access scope is defined with roles. So, you should be prepared the Admin Client User's role and Client User's role before.

To learn more about the access scopes of Admin Client User and Client User, have a look at the article: Who can manage clients?

To learn how to define a role, have a look at the article: How to create, edit, and delete a role?

Inform your client user that he will get an email from MyLogiwa. Ask him to check his Inbox or Spam folders. If the email doesn't reach within 1 hour please contact our support team.

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