3PL companies run the logistics operations for their clients. When it's come to creating the invoice lines, an effective WMS could help you to perform this with no difficulty.

MyLogiwa Billing module could help you to manage your client operations as well as reflect these activities on the invoice that you share with your clients.

After you determine the invoice lines, MyLogiwa automatically tracks your warehouse operations according to your rules and summarizes them to produce invoices. While you focusing on your warehouse efficiency, MyLogiwa will automatically calculate the invoices, and let you review the overall operation at the end of the predefined periods.

You can let your clients view the calculated invoices via the client portal or documents that you can download with this module.

The billing module is summarized with the following diagram;

There are 4 main section that creates your invoices;

  • Operation

  • Billing Forms & Rules

  • Billing Activities

  • Invoices


This part of the billing module requires no additional setup. MyLogiwa is already tracking your activities on your warehouse to populate the billing activities. This means, once you start using the MyLogiwa billing module, you're able to generate the invoices according to operations that were performed previously.

These activities are populating from your warehouse operations, carrier activities, and VAS operations that you perform through MyLogiwa.

Billing Forms & Rules

MyLogiwa offers a comprehensive list of billable warehouse operations. Also, various lists of rules could be set for the billing forms to separate charges that will apply to your customers.

Billing Activities

Billing activities are the filtered version of the warehouse operations. These activities are filtered by previously selected operations and defined rules.


Invoices are the final output of the billing module. The system will automatically calculate the invoices using the billing activities for the selected periods. This calculation period can be defined on the billing form by selecting the default billing period or can be customized while manual calculation.

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