Want a moving, story focused Everyday Giving Page so donors can visualize what their donation will accomplish? Or, have you already convinced donors to give and they are ready to type in their credit card number? Decide which focus you want for your Everyday Giving Page and then log in to your Fundraising Pages account and choose the template that will get the job done! 

How to Edit Templates

Finished setting up your donation page? Great! After the initial set up is done, you can edit the templates and change more design options. 

Open the Everyday Campaign Page's dashboard by clicking 'Manage' and hit 'Edit' in the top right corner. From this screen you can select either the Donation Form Focused Template or the High Impact Story Template. 

On the edit page you can also choose if you'd like to donation form placed on the left, right, or center and if you'd like the form to have a light or a dark background. 

Donation Form Focused Template 

A form focused template should be used when you've already convinced the donor to give and they are ready to give you their credit card number. 

You could use a form focused Everyday Giving Page as the page linked on your website's donate button. You could also use this form focused page at an event where you've asked attendees to give while at the event and they can make a donation right away.

You can include text or a story on this page (just like you can on the story-focused template) but the form is more prominently displayed on the form-focused page because these donors have already decided to give and are ready to select their gift amount and type in their payment details. No need to convince them further!

Check out this example of an Everyday Giving Page with a form focused template that has a dark form background.  

High Impact Story Template

Using the story focused template is a great idea when you have a specific campaign that features the story of an individual client or project. You want to tug at your donors' (and potential donors') heartstrings with an engaging story that will motivate donors to give (and give big). 

The story focused template's donation form isn't displayed prominently on the page but will pop up as soon as your donors hits the donate button. This gives you the opportunity to focus the donor's attention on your image, call to action, and story.

This template works well when you send out an email appeal that includes a client's impact story. The donation page for this campaign should match your campaign materials: the page should feature photo of the client you mentioned in your appeal, it should have language that matches the call to action from the appeal, and the client's story should be shared on the donation page to remind donors of how their donation will make a difference. 

You can also use the story-focused template for a capital campaign, your  #GivingTuesday campaign, or any campaign that features a unique story. 

Check out this example of a Everyday Giving Page with a story focused template that has a light form background. 

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