Want an easier way to segment your contacts into actionable categories? Groups are the answer you’ve been looking for!

Groups are an easy way to file contacts together who share a particular trait. For example, you may want to make a group for people who have volunteered with your organization. Or, you may want to have a group for all your major donors who routinely give more than $500/year.

Creating a group is a snap, and can go a long way in saving you time when you want to tap into just the right people when you need to talk to them. (For more tips on donor segmentation, check out our Donor Segmentation Cheat Sheet.)

  1. Choose the Contacts option from the main navigation menu

  2. Filter your contacts for the set of people you’re looking for, and then check the box Select All. 

  3. Notice the Add to Group button has become clickable – select it to create a new group or add your contacts to an existing group.

  1. You can also create new groups and manually add individuals to that group. To do this, choose the Contacts option from the main navigation menu.

  2. Beneath the Search and Filters section, you’ll see a sorting option called Groups – click this and select the option Manage groups from the drop-down menu.

  3. You’ll see an Add Group button on the top right of your screen. Select this to create the new group. Give the group a name. For example, if this is a group for just your board members, give the group the name “Board Members.”

  4. You’ll also see a Contacts field where you can search for people to add to this group. From here you can add individuals one by one. Once you’re done adding contacts, click Save and you’ll be all set!

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