Creating a Group of Contacts
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Groups are a feature that makes it easy to manage certain contacts in Donor Management that share a particular trait.

Creating a group can go a long way in saving you time when you want to message a specific group of contacts about a certain topic. For example, you might want to make a group for people who have volunteered with your organization, or you may want to have a group for all donors who routinely give above a certain amount.

It’s important to remember that groups can only be made with contact records (not donation records), to group individuals together. If you want to group donation records together, you’ll want to create a campaign or designation instead.

Creating a Group

To create a group, you’ll want to click on the “Contacts” tab within the menu located to the left of your screen. That should then expand and you should select the “Groups” tab that appears.

You should then see a page that lists all the groups your organization has previously created. (If this is your first group, not to worry! You should see a message inviting you to create a new group.)

Once the page reloads, you can click on the blue “Add Group” button in the top right corner.

You’ll then be asked to give your new group a name.

You can also add individual contacts who are already in your system by typing their name in the “Add Individual Contacts” field, and selecting the correct contact from the drop-down menu.

Once you’re ready, click the blue “Save & Exit” button. You’ll be directed back to the main “Groups” page, where you should now see your newly-created group listed (along with any other groups you’ve already made)!

Adding Multiple Contacts to a Group

Adding contacts to a group you’ve already created is easy!

First, you will want to create the group where those contacts will be added. Please remember - a group must be created before you can add contacts to it!

You’ll want to click on the “Contacts” tab within the menu located to the left of your screen. That should then expand and you should select the “Groups” tab that appears.

You’ll then want to select the contacts that you’re looking to add to the group and select those contact by clicking the small box in the top-left corner of the contact records.

You can manually select multiple contacts you’d like to add, or you can use a filter to isolate out a specific set of contacts and add them all at once.

Once you’ve selected the desired contacts, you’ll want to click on the “Bulk Actions” button, and select “Add to Group” from the drop-down menu.

A pop-up window should appear where you can select which group you’d like to add those contacts to.

Once you’ve selected a group, click the blue “Add to Group” button.

Adding Multiple Contacts to a Group via the Import Tool

You can also add multiple people to a group at once through our Self-Importing Tool.

To do so, you can create a column in the spreadsheet you're looking to upload and title that column to match the name of an existing group you've created in Donor Management.

Then, you can simply add an "X" to the correct cells in that column, and anyone with an X next to their contact record should be automatically added to that group!

Adding a Contact to a Group

You can also add a singular contact record to a group, for instances where you’ve already created a group and need to add an individual who wasn’t initially included.

For those instances, you’ll want to go to their contact record directly. You should be able to scroll down and locate a section titled “Groups,” where all existing groups should be listed.

You can then check off whichever groups that you’d like to add that contact to – they'll automatically be added to that group moving forward!

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