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What is “Events Lite”?

Events Lite pages are free pages designed for your organization to run an upcoming event. You can create as many Events Lite pages as you want, and the attendee list for paid tickets is capped at 50 and unlimited for free registrations - so it’s perfect for your organization’s smaller events!

How will I be billed for any tickets I sell over the 50-ticket cap?

When your event has concluded, our team will review your Events Lite page, and automatically add the additional charge to your bill 2-4 weeks after the conclusion of the event.

How do I know whether Events Lite pages or Essential Events pages are right for my upcoming event?

Events Lite pages are a great fit for:

  • Organizations that run frequent, uncomplicated fundraising events, such as:

  • Classes

  • Happy hours

  • VIP events

  • Competitions

  • Organizations that run frequent, larger events for free, non-fundraising events, such as:

    • Classes

    • Seminars

    • Webinars

    • Performances

    • Art or Museum Exhibits

  • Organizations that don’t want to or expect to fundraise heavily at the event

Essential Events pages are a great fit for:

  • Events-focused organizations that run large, complicated, fundraising events such as:

    • Galas

    • Dinners

    • Concerts

    • Sporting Events

  • Organizations that use Auctions as part of their event

  • Organizations that will utilize Livestreaming as part of their event

  • Organizations that are currently using multiple systems to manage their events, their communications, and their donors

  • Organizations that need to solicit for and manage sponsorships to cover the cost of their events

  • Organizations that want to maximize donations and participants for their events

What are my options if I do not currently have Donor Management as part of my subscription?

Essential Events and Events Lite pages are only available for our All-In-One customers with Donor Management at this time. For our nonprofit customers who currently only utilize Fundraising Pages, you will need to upgrade to our All-In-One platform in order to use these types of event pages.

What if I would like to use an Essential Events page for my upcoming event?

We’re always happy to chat with you about adding this to your subscription. If you click this link, you can schedule a call with a member of our team to discuss your options.

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