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How Do I Copy or Duplicate My Existing Essential Events Page?
How Do I Copy or Duplicate My Existing Essential Events Page?
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Do you run the same event for your organization regularly – like an annual gala, or a monthly mindfulness session for your participants? If so, you may find yourself re-creating very similar Essential Events pages every time that that event rolls around, even though most of the information across those events remains the same.

The “cloning” feature of our Essential Events pages lets you duplicate an existing Events page and copy over all of the most important information that’s shared across your event pages.

Cloning an Essential Events page will copy over the following information from your existing page:

  • Page content

  • Tickets

  • Event details

  • Sponsorships


From the Event Overview screen for your existing event, click on the blue “Actions” button in the top right corner, then select the option to “Clone Event.”

You’ll then see a pop-up where you can enter the name and date of the new event, then click “Clone Event.”

Be sure that the name and dates reflect the new, future event – and not the event you’ve already created!

You’ll then be brought into our Events onboarder, where you’ll be able to edit or remove any information that might have changed between the existing event and the new event.

You’ll first be provided with some additional information on our Essential Events and the enhanced features included with these pages.

Not looking to create a Essential Events page at this time? Not to worry, you’ll be able to downgrade your page to one of our Events Lite pages in the final step of the onboarder.

From this page, you’ll want to select either the blue “Next” button, or the “Build Your Event” button.

You then will be able to review all the information that’s been pulled in from your existing event and make sure it’s all still applicable.

Once you’ve reviewed the information on the Location, Tickets, and Build steps, you’ll be prompted to review the finalized page and publish your new Essential Event.

If your page looks ready, fantastic! You can click “Confirm & Upgrade”, and that will bring you to your new Event Overview page.

If you aren’t prepared to utilize our Essential Events page at this time, you do have the option to “downgrade” to our Events Lite pages at this point in the process.

If you select “Cancel and Use Events Lite Only,” you’ll be prompted one more time to confirm and select a reason for the downgrade.

Downgrading to Events Lite will also remove all of the features associated with our Essential Events pages, such as sponsorships, text-to-give capabilities, livestreaming and auction integration, and live chat functionality.

NOTE: On February 17th, we replaced our existing Ticketing pages with our new Events Lite pages, and you will no longer be able to create Ticketing pages after that date. We did honor any Ticketing pages that had already been created for events that took place before April 30th.

What if I’m already in the process of creating another, separate Essential Events or Events Lite page?

If you try to duplicate or clone an Essential Events page, and you’ve already started (but not completed) creating a separate Events page, you’ll need to finish completing that separate Events page before continuing.

In other words, if you’ve already started creating an Events page, be sure to publish that page first before trying to clone any other Events pages!

What if I am trying to clone an existing Ticketing page?

If you are attempting to clone an existing Ticketing page, you’ll follow the same process outlined above – you'll just want to opt to downgrade. Your page will then be converted into an Events Lite page.

What if I am cloning a Ticketing page, and my new event takes place after April 30th?

If you are attempting to clone an existing Ticket page, and the new event you’re planning is scheduled after April 30th, you’ll have the option to downgrade your page to an Events Lite page.

Will Promo Codes copy over if I clone my Essential Events page?

No, Promo Codes will not copy over when cloning an Essential Events page. However, you will have an opportunity to create the acceptable codes for each new Essential Events page once the page has been cloned.

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