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What is an Essential Events page?

Essential Events pages are a specific type of Network for Good Fundraising Pages that are designed to make hosting your organization’s events easier, while keeping your guests excited and engaged during those events.

You can stop using multiple software subscriptions and ditch those complicated, messy spreadsheets with the help of Essential Events. These pages integrate directly with Network for Good’s Donor Management platform, so you can create, manage, run, and report on your event – all from one singular system.

What specific features are included with Essential Events pages?

Essential Events pages include the following features:

  • Multiple ticketing or registration options

  • Livestreaming functionality with virtual attendee chat

  • In-person event check-in functionality

  • Ability to create and use “promo codes” or “discount codes”

  • Real-time giving thermometer

  • Text-to-Give capabilities

  • Built-in event invitations

  • Sponsorship solicitation and management

  • Multi-channel communication tools

  • Full integration with Network for Good’s Donor Management

  • Integration with Network for Good’s Auction platform

  • Custom questions

  • 3% transaction & processing fee

  • Updated layout design

  • Access to a Network for Good support agent during the event

  • Ability to add on support from a qualified production company

Do you offer additional support during an Essential Event?

Yes, a Network for Good agent will be assigned to each Essential Event – even outside of our traditional business hours. For more information on what support is available during your Essential Event, check out this related article.

What’s the difference between our Essential Events page and our Events Lite pages?

Our Events Lite pages are another type of events page that are included at no additional cost with your Network for Good subscription.

Events Lite pages look and feel similar to our Essential Events pages, but do not include some of the enhanced functionality and features unique to Essential Events pages. They’re designed to be perfect for smaller events like classes, or for events where you might not be focusing as much on your fundraising efforts.

Events Lite pages, in comparison to Essential Events pages, include the following:

  • Unlimited attendance for free (registration) events, or up to 50 attendees for paid events

  • $1 cost per paid ticket over the initial 50 attendees (note: includes offline ticket purchases)

  • One (1) ticket type

  • Custom questions

  • 3% transaction & processing fee

  • Full integration with Network for Good’s Donor Management

  • Ticketing or registration option (for one ticket type)

  • Built-in event invitations

  • Integration with Network for Good’s Auction platform

  • Updated layout design

For more information on our Events Lite pages, please check out our corresponding FAQ.

How do I know whether Events Lite pages or Essential Events pages are right for my upcoming event?

Essential Events pages are a great fit for:

  • Events-focused organizations that run large, complicated, fundraising events (such as galas, dinners, concerts, or sporting events)

  • Organizations that use Network for Good Auctions as part of their event

  • Organizations that will utilize livestreaming as part of their event

  • Organizations that are currently using multiple systems to manage their events, communications, and donors

  • Organizations that need to solicit for and manage sponsorships to cover the cost of their events

  • Organizations that want to maximize donations and participants for their events

Events Lite pages are a great fit for:

  • Organizations that run frequent, uncomplicated fundraising events (such as classes, happy hours, VIP events, or competitions)

  • Organizations that run frequent, larger events for free, non-fundraising events, such as classes, seminars, webinars, performances, art exhibits, or museum exhibits)

  • Organizations that don’t want to or expect to fundraise heavily at the event

If you’d like to speak to someone further about what pages might be best for you and your events, click here to schedule a call with us.

Are Essential Events pages limited to events hosted virtually/online?

Nope! Essential Events pages are designed to help you manage all of your events, no matter whether they are held in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format.

What if I have more questions about using a livestream during my event?

For more information on livestreaming with Network for Good’s Essential Events pages, please check out our FAQ on that process – or sign up to attend one of our virtual Essential Events trainings!

How much do Essential Events pages cost?

Essential Events pages start at $500 for one (1) event page.

For nonprofits who are hosting multiple events per year, we also offer an unlimited Essential Events package (which also includes access to unlimited Network for Good Auctions pages) for $2,000 per year.

Both packages are subscription-based, which means that it will renew with the rest of your Network for Good services during your renewal period. Additionally, Essential Events pages require a subscription to Network for Good’s All-In-One platform in order to fully use the page’s enhanced capabilities.

NOTE: Purchasing a singular (1) Network for Good’s Essential Events page does not include access to a Network for Good Auctions page. Access to Auctions pages can be added to a subscription separately.

What are my options if I do not currently have Donor Management as part of my Network for Good subscription?

Essential Events and Events Lite pages are only available for our All-In-One customers with Donor Management at this time. For our nonprofit customers who currently only utilize Fundraising Pages, you will need to upgrade to our All-In-One platform in order to use these types of event pages.

How do Essential Events pages work with Auctions pages?

We’ve created a whole guide for you on how to best use your Essential Event and Auctions pages together!

How long are tickets available for on an Essential Events page?

By default, a ticket will remain available on your Essential Events page until the time that your event is scheduled to end. You also have the ability to set a ticket "end time" when creating tickets as well, if you'd prefer a ticket be available to purchase for a more limited time.

NOTE: If you are running a livestream through your Essential Events page, and you would like your tickets to remain available after the livestream has ended, you will need to switch your page back to the "Pre-Event" status in your Livestream Dashboard. Otherwise, your tickets will not be visible or accessible to your participants.

Why can’t I create a Ticketing page for my event, like I did last year?

As of early 2022, Network for Good has replaced “Ticketing” pages, the legacy events pages that were previously available, with our new and enhanced Events Lite pages. This was done to provide your organization with the updated event management capabilities that our new events pages offer – and let you try out some of the enhanced features at the same time!

For more information on this update, please review the related article here.

What if I would like to use the Essential Events pages for my event?

We’re happy to chat with you about adding this to your subscription!

If you click this link, you can schedule a call with a member of our team to discuss your options.

Still have questions about our Essential Events pages?

Can’t attend? Check out a recorded training here!

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