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Hiding Past Events from the "My Campaigns" Page
Hiding Past Events from the "My Campaigns" Page
Updated over a week ago

To our nonprofit customers who host a lot of events – you might have noticed that some of those older events are still reflecting on your “My Campaigns” page long after the event has concluded.

If you’re finding that those events are causing confusion, or just cluttering up your “My Campaigns” page, you have the ability to move those older events to a separate, “Closed Campaigns” section instead.

Moving a Campaign from “My Campaigns” to “Closed Campaigns”

First, log into your Fundraising Pages account. If you’re currently in Donor Management, you should be able to access Fundraising Pages by clicking on the “My Tools” dropdown menu in the top right corner, and selecting the option for “Fundraising Pages.”

Once the “My Campaigns” page loads, scroll down and locate the event that you’d like to hide from view.

Next, click on the “Manage” button on that specific Event’s “tile.”

When the page reloads, click on the “Actions” button in the top right corner, and then click on the option to “Edit” from the dropdown menu.

The page should then load and a section titled “What is this event’s basic information?” should be visible.

In that section, there should be an option for “Status” - you will want to select “Inactive.”

Finally, click on the blue “Save & Exit” button in the upper right corner.

Your selected page should now be hidden from your My Campaigns page, and the page should reflect as “Inactive” when viewing the page details.

You can still find that page in the “Closed Campaigns” section of your Fundraising Pages dashboard, if you need to view or edit the page once more.

If you need to make the page active once more, you can follow the same steps above – simply select “Active” under the “Status” option before saving.

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