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Properly Aligning Mailing Labels in Donor Management
Properly Aligning Mailing Labels in Donor Management
Updated over a week ago

When printing out mailing labels – in Donor Management, or even for your own personal use! - you know how important it is for the names and addresses to line up properly on the page.

Every so often, our nonprofit customers will reach out because their mailing labels aren’t printing out correctly; they might be off-center, or even printing off the label entirely.

If this is happening to you, please read on – we may have some insight into how to resolve and prevent this in the future.

Adjusting Your Printer Settings

The most common reason we see issues with aligning your mailing labels correctly when printing has to do with your printer's settings. Typically, the mailing labels won't line up correctly if your printer is adjusting how your information is being displayed on the page.

When you are printing your labels, you should see a pop-up window confirming the printer’s settings for this particular “job.”

Typically, there is an option to “Scale” or “Fit to Page” listed, which allows the printer to adjust the dimensions of the file.

You will want to make sure that these options are not selected – either of those options will adjust how the labels are printed and the placement of the words on the page.

You will also want to make sure that you are double-checking these settings each time you print out mailing labels from Donor Management, since some browsers or PDF readers may save those settings for future use.

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