1.3 Adding Shipping Costs for Auction Items
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NOTE: This article is the third in our introductory series on our Standalone Auctions product.

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How do I add shipping costs to my auction?

To add a shipping cost to offset any items you may need to mail to winners, you can do by adding a separate, “hidden” item that’s specifically designated as a shipping cost.

You’ll want to make sure that that new hidden item is set to accept multiple “winners” as well, so you can apply it to as many participants as needed.

NOTE: You will need to specify what that cost of shipping is, so we recommend setting a flat “shipping” price for all items.

Once you have added that new hidden item, you can manually add the winning bidders to that item so that the cost of the shipping “item” is now included as another one of their winning “bids.” We recommend doing this prior to checkout, so your participants can pay for their items and their shipping in one simple transaction once the auction has concluded.

How do I manually add an item to a bidder’s winnings?

To manually add an item (such as a "shipping" item!) to a winner’s biddings, you’ll want to locate the item in your “Items” section on your Auction page’s Dashboard and click on the name of the item.

NOTE: If the item isn’t displayed, you may need to click on the “View All” button to expand the full list of available items.

Once you’ve opened the item’s “Details” page, click on the “Add Bid’ button towards the top right corner of the “Bids” section.

You will then be prompted to enter the bidder’s name or number and select them from the drop-down options, and then enter the amount of their bid.

Once completed, you can click “Save”, and the item should then reflect the newly-added bid.

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