2.4 Using Magic Links to Log into Your Auction
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NOTE: This article is the fourth in our series on your Standalone Auctions' bidders.

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What are “magic links”? How do my participants use magic links to access their bidder accounts?

The "magic link" is a secure link automatically sent to a bidder’s email or phone number (via text) that allows the participant to click and confirm their identity to log in, instead of having to enter their password.

The “magic link” is sent when a participant clicks on “Log In” on an Auctions page, or if someone clicks on “Place Bid” and has not yet logged into the page.

The link is sent to the email or phone number that the participant has associated with their bidder account, to make logging in and participating in the auction even easier!

Clicking the link will redirect your bidders to a page where they can re-enter their email or phone number; the system will then automatically verify that this information is correct and securely log your participants in to the auction.

How does a Bidder reset a forgotten password?

Because of our “magic link” feature in Auctions, your Bidders won’t have a password to log in and participate in your Auction!

A Bidder can navigate to the Auction, then click on the “Log In” button at the top-right corner of the screen.

They then will be able to use the email address or phone number they used to initially sign up for your Auction to return to your Auction’s site via the “magic link”, and further access their own Bidder information.

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