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3.3 Adding an Offline Payment from Your Bidders
3.3 Adding an Offline Payment from Your Bidders
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NOTE: This article is the third in our series on checkout and payment processes for your Standalone Auctions.

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Sometimes your bidders may prefer to pay for their winning items offline (like with a check, or even cash). Entering these types of payments into your Auctions platform is quick and easy – we'll show you how to do so in the steps below!

You’ll first want to make sure you’re on the dashboard for the correct auction – especially if you’ve run auctions in the past or are running more than one auction simultaneously.

From the dashboard, you should see three clickable “tab” options at the top of your screen.

You’ll then want to click on the option for “Bidders.” You should then see a list of your bidders, which includes how many items they’ve won and how much they still need to pay for those items.

Next, you’ll want to locate the bidder who’d like to make the offline payment. If you don’t see them listed, you can search for them by either their name or bidder number through the search tool located towards the top of the page.

Once you’ve located the bidder, you’ll want to click on their name. This should then display that bidder’s profile, including their winnings (and any existing payments).

You’ll then want to click on the “Actions” button towards the top-right of the screen, and select the option to “Add Offline Payment.”

You’ll then be prompted to review the details of the offline payment, and ensure that all of the items the bidder has one are listed.

For bidders who have purchased multiple items but only wish to make an offline payment for one of those items, you can click on the small red trashcan icon to remove it from the offline payment.

You’ll then be asked to confirm the type of payment (such as cash or check), and you’ll have an option to add additional notes to the payment for your own internal reference.

You can then click on “Save & Exit,” and the page should then reload and display the bidder’s profile once more, with the offline payment listed below the bidder’s winnings.

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