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5.4 Hosting a "Last-Chance" Auction Opportunity
5.4 Hosting a "Last-Chance" Auction Opportunity
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NOTE: This article is the fourth in our series on recommended “best practices” for your Standalone Auctions.

If you also utilize our All-in-One Donor Management platform, you may want to check out this collection of Auctions articles instead.

How do I run a “last chance” auction after my initial auction event has taken place?

In some cases, you and your organization may want to run a “last chance” auction event for any items that didn’t sell in your previous auction.

The best way to do this would be to set the “end date” for all items that have been won to a date in the past (such as the day prior to the initial auction’s end date). This will prevent anyone from being able to bid further on items that have already been claimed.

You will next want to update the “end date” for all remaining items to the last date of your new “last chance” auction. This allows those items to remain available for bidding for anyone looking to participate.

We also recommend arranging those “last chance” items into a new section to keep them all together and track them more easily.

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