For a product you can list all the contributors to a piece of work by linking additional artists.

First you will need to define a list of roles for your store. From Artists click the Roles tab. You will see a list of existing roles if some have already been created. Click Add Artist Role to create another role.


Add a name for the role, for instance: composer, producer, etc. and submit to create. Repeat for as many roles as you want to set up.


To add roles to a product, go to the product page, click Actions, then Add Product Role.


On the form, select a role from the dropdown, then search for the artist that is to be associated to the product for that role. You can add multiple artists at once by clicking Add Roles.

The artist will need to be set-up beforehand, so go to Artists, Create Artist to create new artists to be used for roles.


The artist will now appear on the product page under the role name.


On the store-front the artist and role will be listed on the product page.


The product will also be listed on the artist page under a role section.


Roles Alias

When roles are ingested from DDEX ingestion they are automatically set up with the Role Name specified in the delivery. This is generally set to be machine readable, rather than appropriate for your site. e.g. MainArtist

When editing roles you can set a Display Name so it appears how you want it on your site.

Changing the Artist Role field will affect future deliveries, creating new Roles to be created when more content is ingested.

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