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Adding artist relationships
Adding artist relationships
Written by Dan Minchom
Updated over a week ago

Link between artists on your store, by adding artist relationships.

First you will need to define a list of relationships for your store. From Artists click the Relationships tab. You will see a list of existing relationships if some have already been created. Click Add Artist Relationships to create another relationships.


Add a name for the relationship type, for instance: Alias.


To add a relationship to an artist, go to the artist page, click Actions, then Add Artist Relationship.


On the form, select a relationship type from the dropdown, then search for the artist that is to be associated to the artist for that relationship. You can add multiple artists at once by clicking Add Relationships.


The artist will now appear on the artist page under the relationship type.


On the store-front the linked artist will appear on the artist page.

This relationship is one-directional, to show reciprocal links back to the original artist, you will need to add an artist relationship from the other artist.

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