Spotify Links

The simplest way to link to a Spotify release is an "External Format" linking to a Spotify URL

These links can be territory specific, please get in touch about directing your international audience to their local appropriate streaming site.

Spotify Pre-Saves

A Spotify Pre-Save will present a "Add To Spotify" button on your product page. Users who select this option are presented a prompt to authenticate their Spotify account and submit their email address for notification. On release date the release will be automatically added to their Spotify Account and they will receive a notification email if possible.

This is by default added to the product page, but you can also view as a dedicated Spotify Pre-Save Page

To get a standalone page, scroll down to "Music Marketing" and select "Spotify Presave"

To set up a Pre-Save enter the Spotify Album Id on a Product Page under the Music Marketing Section.


You can track how many users presave your release to Spotify on the product page at the bottom.

Spotify Artist Adds

You can add a "Spotify artist add" button on artist pages by adding the appropriate Spotify artist id from any artist page.

Click "more" and then select "Add Spotify Artist ID"


Which will take you to a pop-up box to add the ID

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