Inbound Stock
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Notifying of Inbound Stock

You should notify us of incoming stock as soon as possible prior to its arrival. This is done on the SKU page or Format page of Ochre Admin on the "Stock" tab. If there is no Inbound Stock Notification to book stock on once it arrives at the warehouse, then it may delay the process.

If you are using an Ochre Warehouse (Milton Keynes/Ann Arbor etc) the warehouse will receive notification of this incoming stock automatically as soon as you create an inbound stock notification. It is possible to add multiple SKUs to a single notification. Please only do this if you expect them to arrive at the same time in the warehouse.

Viewing ship notices

A list of all in bound stock can be Stock Purchases page of the admin. This will show you the status of all expected deliveries.

Pre-sell Stock

Flagging "Pre-sell" on Stock Purchase creation will make the amount of stock that you are adding immediately available to purchase. For customers to purchase this, the product will also have to be set up as a pre-order. "Pre-sell" is checked as standard for all new ship notices.

Receiving Stock

On receipt by the warehouse, available stock on your products will be set to the received amount. Any missing or damaged stock will be itemised on the Stock Purchase.

Note that at this point if less stock is received that you have sold on pre-sale your stock level will be negative. You can then either cancel the orders that do not have stock, or source additional stock to provide to these customers.

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