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Interested in the Handy? This article will showcase what it can do, and recommendations once you purchase your own Handy.

What is the Handy™?

The Handy is a pleasure device for penis owners that is meant to enhance your most intimate moments. The Handy is able to sync perfectly to video content (flat and VR), audio, gaming, and more which allows for immersive experiences.

Where can I buy the Handy?

Currently we have multiple official Store fronts, we will list as many as we can below:

You can also find our products with third party sellers on the EU such as Sinful and Orion

How do I use the Handy?

There are 2 ways we recommend using the Handy:

First is the Offline Mode, in this mode you can control speed and stroke length by using the buttons on the device itself.

Second is the Online Mode, where you can sync with content online such as flat videos, VR content and more.

Below, we have a guide on how to use the Handy regardless of the mode you chose.

Guide on Using Handy without accessories

  1. Place the sleeve on the penis and loosen the Velcro band to make room for the sleeve.

  2. Position the Handy on your abdomen and tighten the strap to your preference.

  3. Plug in the power cable, press the power button, and enjoy yourself.

Connecting Online

You can connect the Handy online to synchronize with interactive content.

For this, you need to go to handyfeeling.com/setup or use our Handyverse App to configure your network settings. During the process you will be given a connection key that you can later use to connect to online sessions which include utilizing synchronized content, remote control functions, and much more.

For a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this, check-out our guide on how to connect the Handy online!

What is a Handsfree Kit and do I need it?

Our official HandsFree kit allows for users to maximize their experience by removing the need to hold The Handy. Designed for easy positioning, versatility, and compact storage, the HandsFree kit is meant for fully immersive pleasure.

Remote Control

The Handy has the capability to be used with our remote control function from the same room or halfway across the world. Distance does not matter.

When using the Handyverse app or going to handyfeeling.com/remote, you or a partner can control your Handy using the on-screen controls.

Synchronize with content

Depending on the type of content you wish to synchronize your Handy with, there are multiple options

→ If it’s your first time using the Handy with content, we recommend checking out faptap.net, a community-run website, as they offer an immediate, free, and easy experience with synchronized videos. All you need is your Handy’s connection key and then to click on connect in the top right corner of the webpage.

→ If you are looking to synchronize your Handy with flat or VR content, we recommend checking out our partners in handyfeeling.com/partners. There you should be able to filter depending on the experience you are looking for.

→ If you want to watch videos locally, with scripts you downloaded, check out our Local VR Video Players guide for options, tips and recommendations!

Which VR Headset to use?

The Handy is compatible with the Majority of VR Headsets on the market, but we always recommend researching before selecting one to ensure you can purchase a headset that best suits your needs.

Can I control the Handy™ via Bluetooth?

At the present moment, no. The Bluetooth function on the Handy is used to configure and prepare the device for Online use. There is currently no out-of-the-box way of controlling the Handy™ from a Bluetooth connection.

That being said, there are 3rd Party Apps that can enable this feature, but since they are community created we can’t provide guidance on how to start using them.

Which Sleeve should I use?

Each sleeve is made trying to mimic targeted sensations. Depending on what you are looking for, we recommend looking for the sleeve/s that best suit your desires.

Here’s the sleeves we currently have on offer!

The Handy™ TrueGrip™ Gen 2 Sleeve is based on the classic Original TrueGrip design, but with a longer length, thicker opening lip, and a textured outside surface to create a more secure hold (or a different sensation if flipped inside-out). The longer length means that it can be held with a double-handed grip, creating more possibilities if used by itself outside of the Handy

Experience the deepest blow job with the Lips sleeve. Lips is created to mimic the sensation of intense oral sex.

Feel teasing stimulation on your frenulum as you guide your penis through the strategically placed knobs and bobbles.

When you reach the very end of the sleeve, the ribbed patterns grip and suck you further in, stimulating your glans in a way no other sleeve can achieve.

Experience a soft, gentle caress when you first guide your penis into the Lotus sleeve. Lotus is created to mimic the sensation of the vagina.

Feel the soft pressure at the entrance as the Lotus gently envelops your penis with wavy patterns.

The curves and strategically placed bobbles on the innermost section massage and stimulate the glans as the head pushes through, whilst you continue to feel snugness at the base of the penis.

Touch is created as an open-ended sleeve with strategically placed “petals” to mimic the firm grip of an exhilarating hand job.

From the rounded entrance, you get intense stimulation on your frenulum and glans as you guide your penis through the ribbed texture.

Pushing through the 5-point “petals” throughout the sleeve, feel a sensation that mimics that of someone teasing your frenulum while giving you a hand job.

Inspired by the anus canal. Chrysm is created to mimic sensations of anal play. Feel the alternating tight and loose areas as you guide your penis through the sleeve.

Innovatively designed to expel air through a small hole on its top part, this sleeve will remain snug on to the penis to create a suction effect that reduces intense sensitivity.

Open-ended, flippable sleeve with gradient of pearl volumes from sparse to dense, allowing you to choose where you feel the most intense sensations

If used at the end with pearls at the entrance: The ring of pearls surrounding the opening massages the glans, with a second ring of pearls just underneath that teases the frenulum.

A thick ring of large pearls gently squeezes and may act similarly to a cock ring, keeping you engorged for longer, when placed at the base of the shaft. Indented rings on both ends are designed to help keep lubrication in the sleeve whilst also creating extra stimulation at the base and the tip of the penis

A short, open-ended sleeve designed for targeted stimulation. Firm but pliable nubs spiral around the inner length of the Coral sleeve, creating a thrilling sensation which you can focus exactly where you want because of its short length. For those who are able to push the head of their penis out at the end to give their most sensitive area a break, this is great for edging and orgasm control during a session.


We have multiple places where you can interact with our community, check them out and you can find anything from ideas, support and more!

I need support, how can I get it?

For questions about the device, accessories and technical support you can reach out to contact@thehandy.com

For questions regarding your purchase, please always include your Order Number.

For technical issues, please always send a video showcasing the issue, a description of how the issue started, and your Order Number.


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