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In order to be able to enjoy online features such as the remote control or video sync, you need to connect the handy to Wi-Fi.

Setup using Handyverse app

1. Install the Handyverse app


If it's the first time you open the app, select the I'm new to Handy option.

I did not select the I'm new to Handy option

Select the Configure Handy option through the menu in the top left.

2. Connect your Handy to Bluetooth

Keep following the on screen instructions until you have connected the device with Bluetooth.

3. Save your connection key

After the previous step, you should see your connection key. This key is important, as you will need it for connecting to various online services. If you forget the key, you can always repeat the setup process.

4. Select a Wi-Fi network for your Handy

Next you will be prompted to select a Wi-Fi network. This could also be a hotspot, in case you don't have access to a Wi-Fi network.

I can't find my Wi-Fi network in the list

Please read more about common connection issues here.

5. Switch to online mode

Unplug the Handy and plug it back in, so that the LED turns green. Then press, without holding, the button above the LED.

After doing this, the LED should start pulsing magenta:

Once the LED pulses slower, it means that you connected successfully.

If the LED flashes red and magenta before going back to green, try repeating the process in this this step.

The LED turns blue instead of magenta

Make sure that you press and release the button right away. If you keep it pressed, the device will instead enter Bluetooth mode.

It doesn't connect even after repeating this process

Try connecting your Handy to a hotspot instead. Please read more about it here.

You can also find information about common connection issues here.

6. Test connection

To verify that you have connected correctly, you can select the Remote Control option from the menu. This lets you control the speed and stroke length of your Handy through the app.

Connect to Handyfeeling

Now that you have configured the Handy using the Handyverse app, you will be able to connect to other sites and services, such as

At the top right of, you should see the connect button.

Once you click it, a popup will appear, prompting you to enter your connection key.

Enter your connection key, then click connect.

If your connection key is correct and your Handy is in online mode, you should see the text on the button changing to "Connected". This means you're ready to use the various features on

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