Connectivity FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions regarding connecting the device to the internet.

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How do I connect my Handy™ to Wi-Fi?

Can the Handy™ work on open guest networks such as hotels or airports?

No, the Handy cannot connect to managed networks that use a captive portal. In such situations, our suggestion is to connect your Handy™ to a hotspot on your phone or PC.

Do I need an Internet connection to use the Handy™?

No, the Handy™ works in Offline Mode by default. You only need to connect the Handy to the Internet if you want access to connected features likes the remote control or synchronized video.

Do I need a computer to use the Handy™?

You can use the Handy™ in Offline Mode on its own. In Online Mode, any online-connected device with a web browser can interface with the Handy™.

Do I need a specific device to setup Handy™?

You will need to use an Android or Apple device to connect the Handy to your Wi-Fi network using the Handyverse app. Alternatively, you can use a computer with built in Bluetooth and setup Handy™ through

Is there a Bluetooth connection on the Handy™?

Yes, The Handy™ has a Bluetooth mode that is used for connecting The Handy to your Wi-Fi network. Once you have connected your handy to a Wi-Fi network, you will be using the online mode.

What version of Bluetooth does the Handy™ support?

Handy™ supports Bluetooth version 4.2.

Can the Handy™ be used for long-distance relationships?

Yes, it can. Handy™ has Wi-Fi and can be remote controlled through the internet! Simply give your connection key to your partner, then they can go to HandyFeeling Remote Control and control your Handy™!

How do I sync Handy™ to video?

Please read our guide here.

Can I use any VR headsets?

Yes, all headsets, including phone based headsets will work, but it will not necessarily give you the best experience.

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