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Getting started with jmc’s Online Payments module!
Getting started with jmc’s Online Payments module!

jmc partners with Nelnet to set up online payments, allowing families to make credit card and ACH lunch deposits and fee payments.

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jmc collaborates with Nelnet Payment Services to offer you the necessary tools for utilizing online payment features in the jmc Family portal and jmc Family mobile app. To begin using these tools, you will need to set up your account with Nelnet by contacting them, answering some basic questions, and your account should be activated within 30-60 days, allowing you to make online payments seamlessly.

Follow the steps below to be on your way to accepting online payments from families!

Step One: Head to the Nelnet Payment Services to enter your school information and get the enrollment process started.

Helpful Tip: Have questions about the enrollment process? Reach out to Nelnet Payment Services by phone at 866-431-4637, email, or website.

Step Two: Address the following Lunch and Tuition/Fee payment settings questions from jmc Tech Support once your vendor application has been approved by Nelnet Payment Services:

  • Would you like to implement a Convenience Fee for families to cover Transaction Fees in Lunch and Tuition and Fees? If you choose yes, you will need to notify jmc of the flat fee you would like to charge families. If you choose no, your school will not apply any convenience fee to families.

  • What's the lowest deposit sum you'd consider accepting from families? The least amount you can set as a minimum is $5.00, whereas the maximum limit for a minimum deposit is $10.00.

  • What is the greatest amount you'd be comfortable receiving as a deposit from families? The maximum limit you can establish is $5000.00.

  • When families settle their charges in the Tuition and Fees module, would you prefer them to make payments for particular fees or towards the overall account balance? We suggest permitting families to pay towards specific fees as it facilitates more comprehensive reporting.

  • How many bank accounts would your district like? The $300.00 listed on your final software plan includes two bank accounts for Lunch, Tuition and Fees, specific Fees, or some combination.

Helpful Tip: To review your Lunch and Tuition/Fee payment settings, once they have been established by jmc Tech Support, head to Online Payments > Online Payments Settings in jmc Office.

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