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Utilizing the jmc Admin Connect app
Utilizing the jmc Admin Connect app

Access vital student information on-the-go with the Admin App, whether you're in the hallway or out on the field

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Administrators specialize in multitasking and jmc's Admin Connect mobile app is the platform that enables you to take student data, messaging, discipline and communication on the go wherever the job takes you. Create a communication record during an in class observation, send a message that school is canceled from the road and much more with the jmc Admin Connect app!

Download the Admin App

Getting started with the Admin Connect app is easy! Simply install the application on your mobile device for free from the Google Play store or Apple App store.

Utilizing communication tools in the Admin Connect app

After downloading the app, make the most of the exceptional communication tools. Send text, voice and email messages to the families, students and faculty in your school with just a few clicks with the Message Center!

Keep your entire team up-to-date with student observations and interactions by viewing and creating Communication and Discipline records with the jmc Admin Connect app wherever the job may take you.

Viewing student data in the Admin Connect app

Whether you are walking through the halls or supervising a sporting event, student information including student schedules, contact information, and attendance information remains a few taps away with the jmc Admin Connect app.

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