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How do I organize class sketches with collections?
How do I organize class sketches with collections?

Collections are great ways to separate your class by topics, weeks, or assignments.

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You can create collections in your class to separate your class by topics, weeks, or assignments. They are flexible to fit your teaching style. You can add a collection by clicking on "Create a Collection" button at the bottom of your class page.

Here are the attributes you can add to any collection:

  • Title

  • Description: This is visible to everyone. You can describe the topics you will study, or even give examples and more guidance. You can use markdown to add links, image, code snippets, and style the text as you wish.

  • Deadline: You can add a deadline for your students to submit their sketches. Sketches submitted will be frozen once passed the deadline. You can read more here.

  • Draft: You can mark your collection "draft" to hide it from your students. A great way to prepare future classes! You can unmark "draft" to make the collection visible to your students right before the class, for example. Collection will always be visible to co-teachers of your class.

  • Teacher Notes: This is a private space for you and your co-teachers to take notes or write down reminders. **There is a single "teacher note" per collection, and it is shared between all teachers of the class. These are not "individiually" private notes, per se.

Once you add your collection, you can edit it later. You can also change their order using the arrows, or delete the collection by clicking (x) found at the top right corner. Deleting a collection will remove the collection and the sketches within from your class, but it will not delete them. They will still be accessible in your students profiles, and they can be submitted back again by your students.

Moving Sketches Between Collections

Once you have multiple collections, you can submit sketches to each collection separately using the [+ Add Sketch] button. Also, you can later move the sketches between collections as well. Teachers can move any of the sketches in the class, students can only move their own.
To move a sketch, click on the three dots when you hover over a sketch, and click on the move icon to select the new collection.

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