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Class Platform at a Glance
Class Platform at a Glance

A quick look on how teaching with OpenProcessing works

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If you are looking to teach creative coding, you have come to the right place! Here is an overview of how the process looks like:

  • Sign up for an account: This is the main teacher account you'd use on our platform to create classes.

  • Create your class: When creating your class, you can select a syllabus template (or use your own) and set visibility/privacy options as you like.

  • Create collections for your class: Collections are where you and your students submit their sketches. You can create collections to give structure to your upcoming class such as per topic, week or assignments with deadlines. Learn more about collections here.

  • Invite your students: You can share the invitation URL with your students. When they sign up with an account using this URL, they will automatically join your class.

  • [Optional] Invite co-teachers: If you are teaching with assistants or co-teachers, you can also invite them using a co-teacher invite URL. Co-teachers have the same administrative access as you do.

  • Share sketches: Throughout the semester, you can create and share your sketches and page-by-page tutorials. Students can only submit their own sketches, while you and any co-teachers can also submit examples from the community.

Your Professor Plus+ Membership

At any point above, you can subscribe to Professor Plus+ membership using an institutional or personal credit/debit card to start your subscription. The pricing is based on the number of student-seats. Feel free to reach out for custom billing or payment options.

  • Wanna try first? Without the membership, you can do all above in trial mode and share up to 15 sketches in your class.

  • Everyone gets Plus+: Once you subscribe, all the students and co-teachers in your class will automatically have Plus+ subscriptions to access all the premium features on OpenProcessing.

At the End of the Semester

When you are done teaching, archive your class to prevent any sketches to be submitted further. You and your students can still access the class page and the sketches as usual. Archiving will also free up any student-seats for your future students.

You can also unsubscribe from your Professor Plus+ membership to prevent any future renewals of your membership. Learn more here.

Ready to Teach?

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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